About Us

The Story Behind Walk the Beaded Path

One of the reasons I started Walk the Beaded Path was because I could not find high quality semi-precious stones at an affordable price. I would buy from websites, but you never saw exactly what you were getting so the quality could be iffy depending on the mood of the person pulling your order. I personally like to see and feel the beads before I purchase them. And you also have the immediate gratification you cannot get when you have to mail order your beads.

Unfortunately, the time has come to close the store.  The last day the store will be in operation is December 5, 2015 but fear not, you will still be able to get the same quality gemstones and seed beads from our booth at the NC State Flea Market located on Blue Ridge Road. We are in Booth 405 which is right in front of the Education Building’s main entrance.

Owner: Terry Morris

Phone: 919-916-5745

Email: owner@walkthebeadedpath.com

Address: 3721 Lynn Road, Raleigh, NC 27613


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